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SUN 19th HARDLEY half marathon ** CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP**
SUN. 2nd LORDSHILL 10miles
SUN. 16th GOSPORT half-marathon





The Overton 5 was yet another great success and congratulations should be given to the sub committee who spend so much time and effort in staging the event. Thanks also to all those who helped out on the day either marshalling time keeping or simply supporting the runners. Your efforts are very much appreciated. The actual race saw the biggest field ever and a full report appears later.

Our thoughts now turn to the long winter months and of course, the cross-country season where it is hoped the senior men can bounce straight back up. The ladies squad can look forward to a competitive season where individual and team Honours could head towards our senior runners. The junior scene has not looked so bright since the days when Denny was still at school; Aaron, Josh, and Craig will hopefully be looking to build on last year’s great season with solid support from a useful crop of youngsters who have been around during the summer.

Long winter months…yes it’s my annual preach. Please take care during these dark nights and try to wear white or reflective kit when you train. Remember to give way to traffic, even if you are on for a PB in the handicap. You could always beat the time next time out but it could be difficult to do from a hospital bed.

The starting list for the first winter handicap will be on the board shortly. Please get your bribes to me ASAP. The first race will be over the 2 laps of Foxdown course on October 16th. If I have missed you on the starting list please let me know ASAP, as I will not be there on the night.

Finally, if anyone has the full results for the Highclere 10k can they please let me see them so we can do a report for the newsletter, especially as there was such a large club turn out.

OVERTON 5 miles.

Over 150 entries on the day gave us a record breaking 387 finishers in the main race with a further 42 in the one lap event. The main race was won by Andy Morgan-Lee of Salford who had a clear margin over Havant’s Tim Watson. A close race for third saw Alton’s Toby Lambert just beating Nick Anderson of AF&D.

Our first man home was Dave Vosser who showed some promise for the coming winter with a useful gap over Martin Crawshaw. Andy seemed happy with his run as he clocked the same time as Josh who was mixing it with the leaders early on before paying for his youthful exuberance later on. Keith was next home with Eric putting in a great effort to win the V60 category at his first attempt. My run was better than the week before but seemed very flat while Dave showed he is getting quite a competitive edge with another solid run. John Hodge put in a rare outing on the roads and finished well up in the V60 age group.

International Lucy Elliot was almost a minute clear when winning the ladies race ahead of Winchester’s Michaela McCallum. Amanda Proctor ran well for third and the club colours were led home once again by Cath in 7th spot (3rd W40) and third club runner overall. Audra broke the 35-minute mark to take second home for the club with Jill, who was just back from holiday, third. Liz was next home and I believe was another to make the prize list ahead of Dorothy who has increased her training recently. Cathryn put in a very fine performance before a close race between Moira and Elaine saw Moira narrowly take the Honours. Only a minute back Karen ran well to close the club interest.

48th D.VOSSER 29m 24sec 165th A.DENNISON 34m 55sec
58th M.CRAWSHAW 29m 47sec 182nd J.HILLS 35m 59sec
88th C.WHEELER 31m 26sec 234th E.SANDALL-BALL 38m 14sec
99th A.HARTLEY 32m 12sec 247th J.HODGE 38m 52sec
100th J.BLISS 32m 12sec 257th D.WICKE 39m 34sec
109th K.CLARK 32m 36sec 285th C.TAYLER 41m 15sec
131st E.TILBURY 33m 17sc 297th M.WEST 42m 03sec
149th R.FRANCIS 34m 00sec 299th E.SMITH 42m 08sc
161st D. TITCOMB 34m 41sec 319th K.BURTON 43m 12sec


387 Finished.


I only got details of this event at late notice via Mark though I doubt if it would have been very popular with most club members due to the very slight undulations on both courses. OK ….the course was as hilly as they come despite its close proximity to the coast. Stanstead House is situated between Rowlands Castle and Emsworth and, is not far from one of our old and much missed cross-country courses at Staunton Park. The park made for a picturesque start and finish area with both the 8mile and half marathon multi-terrain courses receiving a catorgary A fell run rating.

How hilly was it…..The answer to that is when did Mark last have a good run to make the top 20 of a half marathon but only clock a time of 1:36? At the finish he said the only race that came near it was the Wroxhall Round on the Isle of Wight, and that was a fell run championship event that we ran last year. Jill made a good start but as the race progressed she developed first a sore throat and then earache. Despite this she was mixing it with the leading ladies but not feeling at all well she did the sensible and dropped out around the 9 mile mark. It took the race organisers a long time to pick her up and return her to the finish area and this is a problem that the organisers of off road events such as this have to give thought too.

My racing in previous weeks had been poor though the training had been going well. Therefore I took the wusses option and did the 8 mile race. Basingstoke decided to make it a club championship event but after the routes separated after 2 ¾ miles I was on my own. I still find it hard to believe that a course planner can fit so many long climbs into an 8-mile run. As it turned out I had a good run and finished strongly. Outside 8-minute miling but who cares…. It was that hard. Any takers for next year?

8 Miles R.FRANCIS 64 mins 26 sec

13.1Miles M.SIMCOX 1hr 36min 41sec


The club has a new web site address which is Many thanks to Ian Vosser for the work he has done in updating the site and if anyone has any photos or items of interest then have a word with him and see if they can be included in the site.

Some Juniors Results from Geoff

Josh Bliss ran an open 3Km track race at Southampton September 14th coming second in a time of 9mins 39secs, 23 seconds behind the winner.

On the same day Aaron completed the Southern Region Triathlon Series at Thruxton coming second in the 15/16 year age group and taking the overall title in the four match series.

    A’ String       B’ String  
400m Hurdles 4th K Vallis 70.4s   2nd S McNair 79.9s
100m 4th J Reynolds 12.9s   5th S McNair 15.9s
800m 4th K Clark 2m 16.9s   5th M Crawshaw 2m 27.0s
5000m 3rd I Ford 16m 50.9s   4th M Simcox 18m 08.6s
400m 4th K Clark 60.9s   3rd D Maughan 59.8s
110m Hurdles 3rd K Vallis 24.6s   2nd S McNair 27.5s
200m 4th D Maughan 28.1s   4th S McNair 32.9s
1500m 5th K Clark 4m 53.2s   4th D Maughan 5m 01.9s
4 x 100m Relay 4th   57.2s        
3000m S/C 4th K Vallis 10m 50.4s   2nd M Simcox 12m 08.0s
4 x 400m Relay 4th   4m 19.1s        
Long Jump 3rd J Reynolds 5.45m   5th B Cira 3.48m
High Jump 1st J Reynolds 1.60m   3rd= S McNair 0.70m
Pole Vault 4th S McNair 1.10m   4th P Wheeler 1.10m
Triple Jump 4th S McNair 8.01m        
Hammer 4th S Morgan 29.21m   3rd I Nikolic 27.65m
Javelin 3rd S Morgan 30.59m   4th P Wheeler 20.47m
Shot 2nd I Nikolic 10.39m   2nd B Cira 8.62m
Discus 5th S Morgan 27.74m   5th P Wheeler 18.33m
MATCH RESULT            
  1 Windsor 142.5 pts        
  2 Chiltern 127.5 pts        
  3 Isle of Wight 87 pts        
  4 Overton 84.5 pts        
  5 Plymouth 78.5pts        


1 Channel Islands 899   30
2 Newton Abbot 840   27
3 Chiltern Harriers 808   27
4 Windsor S.E. & Hounslow 805   27
5 Basingstoke 791.5   25.5
6 Haslemere Border 789   25
7 City of Salisbury 667.5   21
8 Fleet & Crookham 672.5   20.5
9 Ealing SM & Hillingdon 653.5   19.5
10 Swindon 656.5   19
11 Milton Keynes 648.5   19
12 Horsham Blue Star 654.5   18
13 Bournemouth 606   18
14 Wimborne 584   18
15 Team Solent 618.5   17
16 Isle of Wight 610.5   17
17 Thames Valley Harriers 609.5   16
18 Overton 610.5   15.5
19 Winchester 592.5   14
20 City of Plymouth 528.5   12
21 Holland Sports 452.5   11.5
22 Worthing Harriers 514.5   11
23 Haywards Heath 272   7






Aldbourne 10K, 14th Sept by Greg England


As the only representative from Overton at the race, I thought I had better scribe a few notes. On the drive over to Aldbourne there were a couple of tell tale signs that said “turn back, you know you’d rather be in the pub!”: The temperature, along with the hills were rising rapidly. The final clue came from the knowing smile of the local wag when asking if I had run the course before – I had paid my £7 by then so too late (tight!?) to pull out.

The race started with a 1K lap of the picturesque village of Aldbourne, and then continued out & up (& up!) into the surrounding rural lanes, the next 4K being entirely up hill. This was followed by another 3K of undulating roads and then finally by the 2K dash down to the finish.

The race was pretty well organized and marshaled considering the size of the event. Not one to do if you’re looking for a P.B., as the course is like one of those strange optical elusions that starts and finishes on the same spot, yet is entirely up hill.

The winning time was 35’16”. However, I’ll not dwell on the time that I eventually dragged myself across the line. (still carrying too much wine & cheese induced baggage from my holidays!)


11th Greg England 41’00” (6th vet)

85 finished

Tidworth Fast Twitch Triathlon 27/07/03 from Gwyneth

400m 16 Miles 4.5 Miles.

This was a new venue for me, although I knew part of the course it turned out far hillier than I remembered. The weather leading up to this morning had been very wet and extremely windy.

The swim was very civilised as I was allocated a lane on my own, much better than sharing with three extra large male brutes.. The time was pretty much as we expected, as this is my weak element.

Transition was quite a run from the pool, once again I was given a favourable spot which made for a quick getaway. Marshall’s had explained the bike route had a lot of surface water which made it a bit scary in parts. It was also still very windy and cold going out but I made up a lot of time on the return journey.

The start of the run was very flat and fast until the first mile marker, then you climbed until three miles out. Much steeper then station hill at Overton. I managed to pass quite a few slower runners by then. A sprint back to the finish ,I then realised the extra strength and speed work I have been doing with my coach started to pay off. Finishing six minutes ahead of my predicted time was very rewarding.,

Swim 11.33 Bike 58.22 Run 39.17 Total 1.49.22 1st o/50

Hart Sprint Duathlon 25/08/03 from Gwyneth


6km 20km 5km.

This was unknown territory for me, having never done a Duathlon before. Although I have taken part over this course before it was for a triathlon.

It was very strange taking part in a mass start for this kind of race, every one went tearing away in a very manic state.

The run was mainly off road, this was quite rough and very hard under foot, there was a couple of styles to negotiate. The pace however was fast, I came back into transition in first place within my age group. Picking my bike of the rack I promptly fell over it, trying too hard I suppose. I exited from transition in a rather undignified manner.

The bike route was quite hilly but with some very fast sections where you could make up your time. About four miles into this I was over taken by my rival B****. Eyeballs out now, I actually broke the speed limit coming into Hartley Witney, Good job no speed camera about, only part time cops.

Going into the second run I was in second position, I had lost sight of the main opposition so decided to knuckle down and go for a faster time. I finished in second place but well pleased having knocked seventeen minutes of my coaches set time. I was now looking forward to my next event which was at Newbury six days away.

1st run 27.45 Bike 49.57 2nd run 25.42 Total 1.43.24 2nd o/50

On reflection although I finished as 1st in my age group at Newbury doing two multi discipline events six days apart was not such a good idea. Far too much lactic in these legs.

Committee Meeting 15/09/03


Present G. Cloke, N. Clark, J. Jones, M. Dennison, P. Wheeler, C. Wheeler, G. Mclaughlin.

Matters Arising,

1) Sponsorship, Decision from partners still awaiting.

2) Overton 5 Evening went well. Went to Old House at Home, which went well thanks to Nicky.

3) Thanks to J.Hoare, P.Wheeler, G.Cloke, J.Thomas G.Mclaughlin for work done for the race.

Treasurers Report

Income £200.

Expenditure £121.85

Current £842.73

Reserve £2193.81.

45 Paid up club members. Included


1) Signs. Paul needs money for new signs to be used for future races, e.g. car-park /start /finish and tape.

2) Combe Gibbet. To organise date, possibly last Sunday in march. J. Hoare submit form to police informing them. Also John keen to increase entry fee, and send out numbers and info before the race. Discussed raising fee to £7 with £5 going towards the coach fare.

3) Overton 5 Mop up meeting . Need to agree on cut off time for next years entry on the day.Geoff mentioned that a few people worked extremely hard under pressure and felt they deserved a mention. Paul suggested a personal letter to these from the race committee.

4) Race raised almost two and a half thousand pounds.

5) Training week-end already have 45 names.

6) Winter handicap will only be Foxdown this year for safety reasons.

Meeting closed at 9.25p.m.

Date of next meeting 6/10/03

Southern Road Relays Aldershot 27/28 September from Geoff

Martin Crawshaw ran the first leg for our V40s squad in this very competitive category finishing in 30th position, and handing over to Steve McNair, a last minute substitute. Steve could not maintain the momentum and completed his leg in 48th position. Greg England grabbed back a massive 21 places handing over to Dave Titcomb who brought the team home in 44th place.

Geoff Cloke ran the first leg for our V60s squad, completing it 9th place, and handing over to Eric Tilbury who ran the fastest second leg of the day in this category. John Hodge and JT completed the team in 9th place.

Our U17 Boys team was made up from three Team Kennet boys who regularly turn out for us in the Hampshire League and Craig Williams. Craig ran a superb first leg finishing in 15th position , and was followed by Mark Vardy, Robert Ridley, and Richard Knapes, who brought the team home in 23rd place.

In the Vets Ladies race Cath Wheeler ran the fastest leg of the day in this category handing over to Jill Hills who ran the 12th fastest leg. Cathryn Taylor completed the third leg handing over to Liz Sandal Ball who finished the race in fourth place just 13seconds outside of a medal spot.


MEN V40 CATEGORY 4X 6Km 44th out of 55 finishers
1 M. Crawshaw 21 56 2 S. McNair 25 14
3 G. England 22 55 4 D. Titcomb 25 46
MEN M60 CATEGORY 4X 6Km 8th out of 14 finishers
1 G. Cloke 27 43 2 E. Tilbury 24 51
3 J. Hodge 27 40 4 J. Thomas 30 02
BOYS U17 CATEGORY 4X 4Km 23rd out of 31 finishers
1 C. Williams 13 04 2 M. Vardy 14 13
3 R. Ridley 14 49 4 R. Knapes 15 38
LADIES V40 CATEGORY 4X 4Km 4th out of 11 finishers
1 C. Wheeler 14 31 2 J. Hills 16 11
3 C. Taylor 17 32 4 L. Sandal-Ball 16 53



The new website is now fully operational, please take a look and pass on any comments or suggestions you may have to our web administrator We are planning to add the consistency league results and a separate section for our club results.

Newsletters by e-mail. If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail on the day of publication please drop a note to with ‘Newsletter’ in the subject box.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Geoff Cloke who has maintained the current website for the last 5 or 6 years, it really has made a big difference to the club with a number new members finding us through that route.

David Vosser

Important: Fixture List Date Change

Please make a note of the following dates, in particular the Hayling Island 10, which has been confirmed as Sunday 30th November. Unfortunately this is another double weekend in November – but a quick 10miler is loads of fun – so please try and fit these events in to your diaries.

Also Chichester 10k has been confirmed as Sunday 8th Feb.

Hampshire Road Race League Fixtures 2003/2004

6 September – Overton 5
19 October – Hardley Half Marathon
2 November – Lordshill 10 mile
30 November – Hayling Island 10 mile

11 January – Stubbington Green 10 km
8 February – Chichester 10 km
29 February – Bramley 20 mile
14 March – Petersfield Half Marathon
4 April (Provisional) – Totton 10 km
20 June – Brading 10 km

Hampshire Cross Country League 2003/2004

Saturday 11 October Farley Mount, nr Winchester
Saturday 1 November Goodwood, nr Chichester
Saturday 29 November Prospect Park, Reading

Saturday 10 January Ashe Meadows – Home Fixture
Saturday 7 February Wimborne Hamworthy Harriers

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