Newsletter – September 2000

NEWSLETTERSeptember 2000 ISSUE 278

Race Position





E. Tilbury


5th M50


J. Thomas


2nd M60

Age Graded Results

Race Position



207 J. Thomas 74.07
1 K. Clark 73.09
29 M. Simcox 71.51
42 D. Vosser 71.46
112 G.Duncan 67.36
74 N. Dalton 66.81
155 D. Henery 64.91


The following report comes from JT.


Eric and I traveled to Manston, Oxfordshire and were joined by Mo who was making his first outing for 13 months due to injury to make up an old gits team. This race is a regular for us, the course being very flat and, for a large part, traffic free. The race was won by Birchfield Harrier and R.A.F. man, Mark Flint, who also won the Newbury 10 two weeks later.

In the hot conditions one could be excused for not expecting fast times but as it turned out, we all had good reasons to be satisfied. Eric almost got under 31 minutes, Mo started off very steadily but pulled through for a respectable time, albeit with “dead legs” over the final two miles. JT was also reasonably happy, particularly with his strong finish after lacking any rhythm early on.

There is now a fixture list displayed on the notice board, which also lists this years consistency events. Where possible we have tried to support the Hampshire road race league events, which the club has entered this year, as well as the usual cross-country league fixtures. I believe the December cross-country fixture is to be hosted by Chichester Runners on a new course near Goodwood whilst the likely venue for the Hants. cross-country Championships is also on a new course at Dibden Purlieu (near Fawley). Watch the notice board for further details. If you hear of a race please let me know so that it can be added to the fixtures list.

I will be co-ordinating the consistency league for the time whilst Gwyneth is recovering from her operation. Please can you get the finishing order (full results would be nice) to me As soon as Possible.

Due to the low numbers in some age groups this year’s event will see the seniors and veterans combined in the same group. Scoring will be similar to previous year’s i.e.: 20pts, 19pts, and 18pts down to 1 point for 20th position. Geoff will also be running a trial league based on an age-graded system to see if this would be a fairer option for next year.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know.



Committee Meeting 11/9/00

Present- P.Wheeler, R.Francis, G.Cloke, M.Dennison, C.Wheeler.

Apologies- G.McLaughlin.

Matters Arising

  1. Mesh vests 18 to sell.
  2. Consistency- Championship races finalised. Franny has list.
  3. New venue for cross country race- Agreed in principle.
  4. Overton 5- Final meeting next Tuesday, hoping for £1,000 profit.

Treasurers Report

Income:- £232.23

Expenditure:- £609.10

Current:- £655.92

Reserve:- £1183.05


  1. Christmas Dinner- Geoff to collect menu from the Golf Club.
  2. Andover- Newbury relay- 10 a.m. 29/10/00 8 Seniors, 8 Vets, 6 Ladies, + Mens B.Discussion over Vets team Still no Captain. Franny willing to take on, or will ask around the club.

    3)Consistency League- Geoff to advise Gwyneth on Frannys intention to run the consistency .

  3. 100 Club- Still looking for member to take it on.

Meeting closed 9.20 p.m.

Date of next meeting 16.10.00


New Forest 1/2M 10th September from JT:

This race was our first in the Hampshire Road Race League and also our first Consistency League Race of the season. Many of us thought that this long distance was too early for our league, but nevertheless seven of us toed the line in the main street of New Milton on a very hot and humid day.

I think that there was a general disappointment in the times produced, but I for one viewed this race as a matter of survival rather than fast times.

The course was tough with regular undulations but without any particular dramatic elevations, much of it was in the wilder parts of the New Forest – a genuinely interesting course.

Rather surprisingly to the writer, Keith Clark led us all home in 1-21-37, a couple of minutes ahead of Mark who will not be impressed with his time.

New vet Dave was next in 1-25-36, some way off his personal best, and Nick in 1-30-18, performances sufficiently good enough, to give us second place in the team competition with 160 points behind Lordshill Runners.

The rest of us were probably pleased to finish in one piece, but all well outside our best performances of late.



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