Club Vests

The blue Club Vest with black stripe across the middle can be purchased from Stuart Searle (07745 875286) or

The cost is £12 for Juniors and Seniors.

Currently in stock are both men and women vests ranging from small to extra-large

Club Hoodies

Water Bottles

High Visibility Clothing

Safety Notice  – Please always remember to wear white at night or preferably a hi-viz bib

These Bibs are available from Martin Allen at £5.00 – 01256 770964.

Bibs will always be available on handicap nights to buy or borrow. All members – Please ensure that you wear white or a high-viz bib during the handicap.

Every year the club hosts an awards night, with many awards given out for various performances across the previous year.

A full list of the 2018 award winners can be found here:  Club Awards 2018

The club has seen some great performances over the years and this page lists the people who have recently won some of the main club awards.

Richard Clifford

Club Person of the Year

2002Liz Sandall Ball
2003Nicky Clark
2004Dave Vosser
2005Mick & Emma Scoggins
2006John Hoare
2007Helen MacMahon
2008Keith & Anna Vallis
2009Richard Francis
2010Mark Dennison
2011Richard Francis
2012Sean Holmes
2013Eric Tilbury
2014Monique Van Neuten
2015Richard Clifford
2016Piers Puntan
2017Stuart Searle
2018John Hoare

Outstanding performance of the year
2012 Moira West
2013 Rachel Hessom
2014 James Knight
2015 Lee Tolhurst
2016 John Hoare
2017 Neil Martin
2018 Edmond Simpson
Most improved runner
1992 Mo Parry
1993 Mark Simcox
1994 Steve McNair
1995 Gwyneth Mcglauchlin
1996 Nick Dalton
1997 Nick Dalton
1998 Cath Wheeler
1999 Audra Dennison
2000 Keith Clark
2001 Moira West
2002 Aaron Harris
2003 Josh Bliss
2005 Nicky Clark
2006 Nicky Clark
2007 Steve McNair
2008 Sean Holmes
2009 Neil Martin
2010 Lucy Griffiths
2011 Robin Oakley
2012 Martin Groundsell
2013 Steve Edwards
2014 TBC
2015 Katie Brothers
2016 Katie Edwards
2017 Simon Lovelock
2018 Gareth Juliff
Best marathon performance of the year
2006 Audra Dennison
2008 Dave Bush
2009 Kate Groundsell
2010 Kate Groundsell
2011 Neil Martin
2012 Lee Tolhurst
2013 Sean Holmes
2014 Martin Groundsell
2015 Sarah McCann
2016 Simon Lovelock
2017 Sian Davies
2018 Lenny Passingham
Track & Field Trophy
1997 Ruth Kingsborough
1998 Steve McNair
1999 Simon Morgan
2000 Keith Vallis
2001 Chris Jones
2002 Darren Cuff
2003 Simon Morgan
2004 Jamie Jones
2005 J. Foulkes
2006 Dave Awde
2007 Keith Clark
2008 Lost to history
2009 Moira West
2010 Moira West
2011 Moira West
2012 Edmond Simpson
2013 John Hodge
2014 TBC
2015 Keith Vallis
2016 Claire Spencer
2017 Molly Wateridge
2018 Eric Tilbury

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