Handicap Races

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2017 Summer Handicap League

Final standings for the Summer Handicap 2017:

FINAL SUMMER Leagues 2017

For the individual Handicap and Mob Match race results see Monthly Handicap Results

2016/17 Winter Handicap Leagues

To see how your best time ranks against everyone who has run the Foxdown Winter Handicap route then click here

Congratulations to Mark Reid for winning the Handicap League and Sean Holmes for winning the Time League.

Handicap league – Click here
Time league – Click here

The results of the previous Handicap leagues are below.

2015 / 2016 Winter Handicap Leagues

Handicap League – Click here
Timed league – Click here

2015 Summer Handicap Leagues

Handicap League – click here
Time League – click here

2014 / 2015 Winter Handicap Leagues

Handicap League – Click Here
Timed league – Click Here

2014 Summer Handicap Leagues

Handicap League – Click here
Time League – Click here

2013/2014 – Winter Handicap League
Winter Handicap League 2013/2014

2013 Summer Handicap
2013 Summer Handicap League

2012/2013 – Winter Handicap League
2012/2013 Handicap League
2012/2013 Time League

2012 Summer Handicap
Handicap League – Summer 2012
Time League – Summer 2012

2011/2012 – Winter Handicap League
2011/2012 – TIME LEAGUE


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